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Build docker for OpenPOWER (ppc64le)

It’s a nightmare if you have a unsupported arch while building tools. I have tried to build docker for RHEL/CentOS, Ubuntu for ppc64le. It took me lots of time.

Fortunately, from 1.10, docker will support arch ppc64le officially. ppc64le will be the default arch for OpenPOWER system. As of now, docker code is still in reorg. So there might be some tricks while building docker for ppc64le. Follow below steps. You can get a preview docker 1.10.0-dev for your system. Let’s try it.

It is much simpler than before. Only two commands~

Let’s check the running version.

Linux 下安装识别 Marvell 88SE91xx 硬盘

88SE91xx 可以使用 AHCI 驱动,但是默认 Linux 无法识别 88SE91xx 需要手动添加到 AHCI 列表中。方法如下。

  • 首先获得到 88SE91xx 的 Vendor ID 和 Device ID

  • 使 AHCI 识别


这样就能识别到在 88SE91xx 上的硬盘了。

fatal error: Python.h: No such file or directory


安装对应版本的 python-dev,


判断 Python 模块是否安装

在不加载 module 的情况下判断 module 是否已安装

CentOS/RHEL 5 中 Samba 服务无法访问

新安装的 CentOS 6.3 的服务器使用原始 Samba 配置文件却无法正常工作,症状是:能够访问,但是进入目录提示没有权限。


关闭 SELinux


Device Mapper Multipath Configuration

1. Setup Steps

1.1 install and load device mapper (not necessary in RHEL58)

a) install Device Mapper Multipath/DMMP

b) load and check device mapper and multipath modules

c) start the multipathd service

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